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Sherbrooke Lawn Care & Weed Control Service from your Local Weed Man

Your Sherbrooke Weed Man provides lawn care programs that help create the thick, healthy and beautiful lawn you have always imagined. In fact a thick and healthy lawn is the most sustainable means of weed & insect control. Our lawn care programs are designed not only to maximize your lawn care dollar but also to deal with lawn problems specific to Sherbrooke and surrounding areas.

Our ongoing employee-training program ensures every Weed Man Lawn Care Technician has a thorough understanding of plant health care, and every service meets or exceeds industry regulatory requirements.

Sherbrooke Weed Man is continuously involved in new technology research and development to bring you better, even more effective lawn care and weed control treatments.

Our Team:

Our team of Weed Man professionals is absolutely dedicated to providing the superior level of lawn care service you have come to expect from Weed Man. Whether you have a lawn that is ridden with weeds, overrun with insects like grubs or chinch bugs, or you simply want to keep your grass thick, lush and healthy, our team of professionals is more than happy to start the process by scheduling a Free Healthy Lawn Analysis to make educated recommendations specifically for your grass.

Our Sherbrooke Weed Man staff members are also part of the local community. We have homes, cars and kids just like you do. We pride ourselves on delivering the best lawn care service in Sherbrooke because we too take pride on our homes and yards. We won't forget those specific instructions you give to us like re-locking the gate once we're done treating the back yard, because as home owners, we fully understand how important these things are in delivering a professional and superior level of customer service.

Area Serviced: Sherbrooke and surrounding area.

Weed Man Sherbrooke Lawn Care is proud to serve the following area(s): Sherbrooke and surrounding area.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 45th Anniversary Sweepstakes! Here’s our winners below enjoying their Free Lawn Care Programs for 2015.


Contest #1

Colleen Basha
Surrey, BC

Contest #2

Linda Cosby
Edmonton, AB

Contest #3

Arnella Heiberg
Regina, SK

Contest #4

David Moscoe
Toronto, ON

Contest #5

Janice Cournoyer
Winnipeg, MB

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